More than a Church. A Movement.

Church means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To some it’s a place that their parents dragged them every Sunday morning at oh-my-gosh o’clock. To others it’s a place where they sat next to their grandma and sang the glorious old hymns of the faith with an insane amount of vibrato. To far more people it’s completely absent from their conscious thoughts if not outright hated because of the people who have carried the banner of "Christian" without grace and compassion.

We are none of these things.

"The Church" is more about family than congregation, more about joining together to change our city than helping each other to become better Bible memorizers, though that’s important too. "The Church" is very much about revolution, we want to take back the church from the grip of "religion" and return it to its rightful place in our loving Father’s lap.

Our vision is big, God-sized, and we want you to partner with us to make it happen. We’re talking changing-the-world big and that doesn’t happen with a small group of people. It takes the church rising up, discovering exactly who God created them to be and then living out the identity He created us to have.

It’s time to RISE church!

Service Times & Location

Services are held every Sunday at 11:00AM.

You are encouraged to come dressed how ever you like, we want to create an atmosphere of worship and your clothes have nothing to do with that as long as they're not too distracting.

The Church currently meets at:
Hagerstown Junior/Senior High School
701 Baker Rd
Hagerstown, IN 47346

Church Leadership

Anton Payne

The Guy Up Front

Evan Agee

Lead Worshipper

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